Thanks & Comments
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Thanks & Comments

Dear Acts, Your tracts are the Greatest, and are having a big impact with VETS, and as lots of people are hurting for God’s truths.  Please send me “The Bible Can we Trust it” and a sample pack.  Thank God and Thank you!  P.T.L. WilliamMelbourne FL 

Dear Layne & Kristy, We have been so blessed to use the tracts here at Calvary Chapel Valle Vista and to send our folks and young people out with those tracts to witness. Also, we have been blessed to take the various foreign translations of those tracts by the tens of thousands to use one-on-one on the mission fields.  May the Lord continue to bless you both and the ministry of A.C.T.S. Tracts in the coming years. Calvary Chapel Valle Vista

Dear Acts Ministries,  I am in prison in a women’s prison in Mississippi and have accepted Jesus as my personal Savior after reading a Little booklet you make. It is called “Peace With God” and I really needed to see it. I am now going to Bible study and although I have another 10 years in here I do have peace to get me through it. I don’t know who you people are but thank you so very much!!!!. Malika – Mississippi

Dear ACTS Ministry, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for the ministry you provide.  It has been a blessing to see and hear the testimonies of so many who have been challenged and touched by reading the tracts and literature you produce and supply our ministry.  We take teenagers on short term mission trips to different Countries and have distributed many tracts in Russia, Chile and Mexico as well as here in the USA.  We send youth out street witnessing and many have received the Lord as they read about salvation only through Christ as young people share Christ with them.  We are a small ministry and could never afford many of the gospel tracts that are produced and sold for a profit.  I have seen first hand (as I am the bookkeeper) that this ministry is lead by the Holy Spirit and faith in God. Thank you for your obedience to the call God has given you, our love and prayers are with you,Love Dan & Becky – Hemet, CA

Dear ACTS, Calvary Chapel San Angelo, TX would like to thank all the wonderful servants for your great work with Acts Ministries.  Acts Ministries has been truly a blessing to us, for the past 4 years they have provided us with hundreds of powerful tracts.  We want to thank you, Layne and Kristy for you dedication to serving Gods people. Calvary Chapel San Angelo, Texas

I received one of your A.C.T.S. Tracts at the Creation Festival 98′ in George, WA. I read it and am now a new believer. I’ve known the Lord for the last 8 or 9 months. He has made such a great impact on my life, and I intend to follow Him and continue to grow in Him every day of my life. I now attend Church fairly regularly and I love it. I want to say thank you so much for every thing that you do. God Bless you all and your wonderful work.  Jessica  – Wilsonville, OR

These tracts are AWESOME! They’re unique, irresistible, up-to-date with current trends. Ya gotta love ’em. God Bless you for your fine work.  Kathleen O. – Delaware

Praise God for your ministry and the resources you make available to us all. May the grace of our Lord continue bless you all. Kurtis  – West Covina, CA

Thank you so much for this ministry. My fiancé and I are starting a Church and these resources are invaluable to our efforts at evangelizing a community.Shannon – Columbia, SC

I thank GOD for your Spirit of reaching out, we have the same fire burning in us here in NIGERIA. Our PRAYER is for your evangelism and resource materials. Your booklets help us reach thousands. We will uphold you in our prayers.Pastor Chigbo Ndukwe –  NIGERIA

Hello there! Just wanted to say you’re doing a great job. Your tracts are awesome! They’re attractive & catchy. Winnie,

I received one of your A.C.T.S. Tracts at the Creation Festival 98′ in George, WA. I read it and am now a new believer. I’ve known the Lord for the last 8 or 9 months. He has made such a great impact on my life, and I intend to follow Him and continue to grow in Him every day of my life. I now attend Church fairly regularly and I love it. I want to say thank you so much for every thing that you do. God Bless you all and your wonderful work.  Jessica  – Wilsonville, OR

I strongly desire to share the word of God, yet am still nervous about what to say….I believe these tracts will help me to get on the road to witnessing. THANK YOU!!! Janet – Conway, SC

Dear ACTS, Your new card on Mormon vs. Christian doctrines has been a great help to me and my family.  We live in a community that has a huge Mormon population. It has given us the information we need to defend our faith and to share with them. Thank you and we will continue to pray for you. Glenn – Tempe AZ.

Thanks for the Tracts, You made 1000 tracts for the me. They went to Thailand to the prison for the Burmese whom are held there. These tracts get around too. My friend a full time missionary in Thailand told me he went up to Northern Thailand to a village to start a Church, The area had not been touched by missionaries before, when he arrived a man in the village, medicine man, showed him a tract and asked him to read it. He accepted the Lord. It was one of the tracts you had printed and I had sent to Thailand. God is good. Keep up the good fight and run the race, I pray God will use you and your ministry till that time.  Buck – Riverside, CA

Awesome ministry. God Bless you and give increase to your ministry. Thank God for people like you.  Ron  – Seaside, OR

It is a blessing to see the Lord use your tracts passed out here at Boeing Aircraft in Long Beach. Duke  – San Jacinto, Ca

Praise God for servants like you! Please pray for my husband and I in our efforts to reach the community here in Northern New Mexico.. it is very intense being involved in a community so heavily into the new age movement, gay rights, Catholicism, Alien Obsession, and even Satanism…Your tracts are awesome tools for us. In Christ’s Mercy… Jaime C. – Ranchos de Taos, NM

I am writing from the I.N.S. Center. I am from Turkey and I was born a Muslim. While I am waiting for deportation I have got one of your booklets “take a few steps and receive his gift.” Now I want to learn more about Jesus Christ. Please help me.   Celikden M.

Dear ACTS Tracts, Thank you guys for the tracts. Me and my youth ministry will make good use of  them, thanks again.  In Christ, Kenneth – Colorado

Dear Pastor Layne, Family & Staff  We have seen about 8 kid give there life for Christ so far. We used the “What If” tracts. Even if we seen one person get save that is all worth it to us. But God have bless us with ministry opportunities in down-town Bangor Maine, and we want to thank you for helping us. Also, Thank you for those verses Acts 1:8, Hebrews 4:12, 1 Peter 3:15 and Matthew 24:14 they where cool. Jesus Bless You guys,  Gene  – Bangor, Maine

I am a Christian who is witnessing to a man on Death row in Parchman, Mississippi. He has accepted Christ as his savior with your tract, “Peace With God”, and is seeking to learn more of God’s word. I would appreciate any information you could give to me to disciple him. You guys are wonderful.Sincerely, Vanessa S. G

Dear Acts Tracts, I have ordered many tracts from you over the past four years, it is very helpful because I’m not able to pay for ones in the Bible book stores. I have passed them out to the homeless in my area, I give them a tract, tell them about the local mission and how they can help them and then pray with them. I leave them in restaurants, restrooms, phone booths, newspaper stands and anywhere else I can find, I have found that passing out tracts in the past few years has been a wonderful opportunity to witness to people and a vital part of ministering to others. I never know who will read them or who will come to the Lord because of them. I have a praise report about a tract that I had sent to a friend, she said her sister read one that I had sent and gave her life to the Lord, I have a bag that I carry that just has tracts and a new testament so I can be prepared no matter where I go.  Alan  – Sacramento, CA.

I took some of my kids from my youth group out to do some street witnessing on Friday. They lead 4 people to the Lord and 1 person recommitted their life back to Jesus. I will keep you posted on how they do for the rest of the summer. Bless you for the tools and encouragement.  James  – Buena Park, CA.

I just received the tracts ordered last week and wanted to thank you for your servants heart and the ministry you are performing. As a retired person, the income is very limited and it has kept me from buying too many tracts to give out. This has allowed me to be more prolific in passing out the tracts. I am in three nursing homes each week, with total attendance at around 50 – 60 where we sing old hymns and share a devotion or short Bible Study. Needless to say this order will go quickly. Thank you so much. Ken  – Connecticut

Dear Pastor Layne,  Could you send me 50 more tracks they went fast and have been very effective.  Since we have been sharing the Lord with them we have lead two people to Christ and a lot more are now thinking about what if He comes and I am not ready. We request that you continue to pray that we continue to be bold and share the word of God. Thank you, Rev Kenneth

Pastor Layne and family,  I received your package of tracts yesterday. Thank you for the Spanish tracts, they will be a blessing to those out there in the Spanish community who need to hear the “Good News”. I will keep you posted.Mike

Dear ACTS Ministries,  I received your tracts a few months ago and have been distributing them everywhere.  They are great. I am curious to know if you have any in Russian?  I have a coworker that speaks very little English. When I asked him if he goes to Church he turned up his nose and said with a growl “no.” I thought of you instantly.  If you do have any please let me know. Thanks for everything! Jerry

Thanks so much that you are sending the tracts. You are such a blessing and I pray that many souls will be won to Christ with these tracts!! In Jesus name,Franni

Thank you…  I’ll keep you posted on the feedback on the tracts I pass out…  This is quite something you’re doing here. May the Lord continue to abundantly bless this Ministry! In Y’shua – Greg F

Dear ACTS Layne Livingston, Praise the Lord!  Thank you for responding so fast the Tracts.  It’s good to have a variety of tracts since it reaches all “kinds” of people. I truly am blessed by your dedication & by your supplying me of tracts.  Truly God will never forget your good works.  In His Great Love,Winston – Oakland, CA

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